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The Cambrionix range of components is designed to help you meet all of your customers charge and sync requirements.

For the customer who needs multiple charging and sync of a variety of devices, the 8 or 16 port universal charger can charge up to 8 or 16 USB devices requiring up to 2.5 amps, simultaneously, and allows syncing whatever operating system is in use. Perfect for smartphones, tablets, iPods and mp3 players, and many more USB devices.

For the iPod, iTouch and iPhone users, the 32 USB charger is a standalone unit that will also charge most standard USB devices.

The largest units, the A series are designed for mass deployment, testing and duplication.

  • The A6 is a charge and sync component, perfect for schools and universities, using multiple iTouch devices for multimedia.
  • The A4 is a hub for duplication, with its 49 ports and no special USB driver requirements, it will work with Windows, Linux and OSX.
  • The A2 hub fits in the lab and testing environments for testing USB products and software.

The smaller unit, C3 board, is designed for the world leading Apple iPad and the full range of Apple idevices. It charges devices at 2.1 amps and can sync iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod devices using iTunes.

The newest addition to the range includes the PowerPad 15 (PP15) kit and the PowerPad 16 (PP16) kit.

  • The PP15 is designed to be a universal syncing and charging unit. This means that it is able to sync up to 15 devices (that offer the syncing functionality) simultaneously. It can also charge up to 15 devices at once via USB.
  • The PP16 is designed to be a universal charge only unit that can charge up to 16 devices of almost any kind that offer USB charging.

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